My Packing Method

This post started out as being the "here's my whole packing list" post, but... apparently I can't stop typing, so in the interest of brevity, I'm only going to talk about how I decide what to pack and what my main method is.

 First of all, I absolutely hate, hate, HATE to forget things. I'm also very cheap. My husband would tell you that's a lie, but he is mainly worried about the sheer volume of my purchases, not necessarily what I spend. Apparently two boxes a day from Amazon is overkill, regardless of whether the two boxes hold $20 worth of goods, but I digress...

Moving back to hating being forgetful and spending lots of money, when you forget things abroad it can be costly. When we went to Jamaica in 2012, Jason forgot his toothbrush. We asked the front desk if they had complementary toothbrushes (because we thought we were at Holiday Inn, I guess), and they looked at us like we asked to use their personal toothbrushes. After pointing us to the direction of the gift shop, we found one toothbrush I'm fairly certain my dentist would be ashamed to hand out for free and quickly forked over $16 for it. No bueno. To that end, a small bottle of sunscreen can cost you $20, shampoo (if you don't want to rely on the complementary toiletries in your room) could be $14+... you get the idea.

My solution is to create a list and to be specific. I break everything down by days, and write exactly what I plan to wear each day. I don't actually make sure to wear the items on the day I write down that I will be wearing them, but writing out what I'll need on different days helps to make sure I have enough clothing for each day and also that I don't over pack. On our honeymoon I packed 12 pairs of shoes. 12. Pairs. Of. Shoes. I don't wear 12 different pairs of shoes in 6 months when I'm at home. 
Insert: packing list! All of my packing dreams have come true! We are never overweight when we check luggage and there's always room to bring home trinkets or duty-free liquor (holla!) on the way home.  

I also write out exactly what we need as far as miscellaneous items... medicine, hair ties, what I plan to put in my makeup bag, camera and accessories, tablets and accessories, travel documents, insurance and cards, etc. Being specific helps me narrow down what I need and what I can live without for seven days.

So... with all that being said and so you don't have to reinvent the wheel, I will be back tomorrow with an actual downloadable packing list in word doc format and a little explanation for some of the items on our list that you can use to help you pack for your next trip!

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