The Packing List!

I've shared the top ten things you wouldn't actually think to pack on a trip to the Caribbean here (and all may not be included on the list below!), but this time I'll show you exactly what I pack for our trips to Mexico and the Caribbean... basically the 400 things you would've already thought to pack most likely, and maybe 15 you'll add to your list.  You're welcome for a big heaping helping of obvious stew. As always, I aim to please.

As promised, BUT WAYYYY LATE, get your copy of my all-inclusive resort packing list HERE. You can see a little preview of it below:

Some of this is specific to the way my husband and I travel - I carry a larger tote bag (actually, something quite similar to this one) and he carries our camera bag that has just enough room for the small items on his list. While I could probably talk him into carrying a backpack, we don't need a whole lot of stuff, so for now, this works for us.

Also note that the toiletries we include (and don't!) are personal choices. For example, I have curly hair, so I choose to bring hair gel and hairspray. You may not--substitute as needed! This is also a complete list of things we need for a 7-night all-inclusive vacation, so what we've found we need after 6 week-long trips out of the country and won't run out of--in particular sunscreen. 

As always, please feel free to email me with questions and happy packing!

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